Lago Di Sorapis


For those of you who know me well you know that my favourite colour is a specific shade of green (Bianchi celeste) so when my friend Charlie sent a photo of a lake filled with my beloved Pantone 3242 I knew I would have to visit!

In the mountains of Cortina d'ampzzo lay my dream lake. There are several different starting points and trails one can take to the lake, we decided we wanted a bit of a challenge so we took the harder route round. Once again joined by the lovely Claire and Nick and they're awesome pups Sprocket and Pepper. The beginning of the trail was pretty flat. There were some beautiful views of the surrounding Dolomites and mountain homes. 


I would say the hike wasn't too difficult. There were some steeper areas and one or two more narrow, exposed spots. I once again sported my trusty Nike Freeruns over my heavy walking boots and apart from the steep descent towards the lake where I slipped a considerable few times they did the job!

I was like an excited child on the way to the beach just bouncing along trying to glimpse a view of the extraordinary lake, and as we came out from the dense bushes and around the edge of the mountain I saw it! 

Its even better than my favourite colour, its just a stunning colour...however it was absolutely FREEZING! The ambitious side of me had put my bikini on just incase I fancied a dip but after taking over 5 minutes to even submerge my toes I decided that it wasn't quite warm enough for me to brave the sub zero waters. 

In my element...

In my element...

This is one of those views where the images do the talking for me....