Meribel, France

Les Trois Vallées

I've skied in a fair few places now, but was yet to visit the worlds biggest ski area the three valleys in France so when my friend offerered us a cheap week out to visit him on his season it was one I couldn't refuse.

Day one - Bluebird 

Day one - Bluebird 

For some reason when booking our trip we were adamant that we didn't want to pay outrageous prices for transfers so just thought we could rock up in Grenoble and find our way to Meribel...that was our first mistake! 

If you've ever been to Grenoble airport you will know that it is nothing more than a snow covered cow shed with a tray of overly priced croissants and one luggage belt. Bill and I had a 2 hour wait for our friend Sam so we thought we should probably try and sort out some transport. 

After being laughed at by many forms of drivers, tour operators and airport workers we cobbled together a plan to get a taxi into Grenoble (which turns out is about 50 minutes from the airport!)  where we would then get a train to Moutiers, where hopefully we have enough phone battery to call our buddy Charlie who was working in Meribel with his trusty defender. 

Team photo

Team photo

Despite the train stopping for a prolonged period in the middle of nowhere we got to Moutiers safe and sound and we soon heard the distictive engine of an over revved Defender driven by the newly competent Charles Andrews. We had picked the best week to go out, till then they had struggled with snow levels but the night we arrived it dumped it down and lay some fresh powder for our enjoyment. 

We were blessed all week with perfect conditions and blue bird days on the slopes, Charlie seemed to have landed himself the easiest seasoniaires job imaginable and was out with us most days. We got the full 3 valleys pass and made sure we covered as many miles as we could, always stopping in the park on the way back just as the sun was going and a beer was calling!

It was an incredible area with a lot to offer, each resort had a different vibe and it was cool to get an investigate each. Courchevel was very fancy, with its own runway and overpriced lunch but it very quaint. We did however get stuck at the bottom and ended up trudging around trying to find a lunch for less than 30 euros!

It was great to ski with a group of mates, I tend to go away with family. Although I was the only boarder which I did feel bad at times that they were having to wait for me to strap in or on the flats where we devised a very efficient sling shot move which shuffled me along. But being with them pushed my boarding more in one week than I have done over the past few years.