Chamonix Via Feratta Via des Evette


After discovering my love for Via ferretas in the Italian Dolomites I was excited to try some out when I was in Chamonix for the weekend. Via des Evette is a fairly new route - created in 2016 the perks of that mean that its only a short walk to and from the route (20 minutes walk in and out). We rented a VF kit from sports shop in Chamonix (harness and tails). 

If you're based in Chamonix its a nice 30 minutes stroll along the river (or a 10 minute bus) to get to the Flègère lift. Then as mentioned before its a super short walk to the start of the route, its all well sign posted out from the lift. 

The route has two sections. The first part is the Via ferreta and the second is a climbing route. As I was with two friends who had never done any climbing we were just doing the VF section. There is a short walk out section between the two. 

The first small bridge

The first small bridge

The VF took us just over an hour, and that was with two guys who had never done it before. It is quite a good route for first timers. Because its a new route there a lots of staples and features to climb on - you rarely have to use the rock (this could be deemed as a good/bad point) I gave them a few pointers but they got the hang of it pretty quick. 

Although it was a Saturday in early august it wasn't as busy as I was expecting. There were some really quite exposed sections so you need a good head for heights. Also two Himalayan style bridges which are fun. The first one is nice and short and gives you a good taste of the big one at the end of the route. 

Being on the valley opposite to the Mont Blanc it gives you great views all day of the peaks and glaciers. Theres a few good resting spots to sit and have a snack or take photos too. 

All in all a short but great VF, a good taster for people who have never tried it before because its only an hour or so long. Then in the afternoon to make full use of the lift pass we went on a popular hike to Lac Blanc. Its all uphill on the way there and takes around 1hr 15 mins (decent pace) then its faster on the way back. 

Lac Blanc 

Lac Blanc 

It was quite a busy route but the lake was nice to have a dunk in after a hot/speedy midday hike. Was definitely a good when to maximise the day in Chamonix